local reason = {
	["uso justo"] = "[[File:{{PAGENAME}}|Esta imagem]] has not been properly tagged with the {{Tlx|Uso justo}} template and given a {{Tlx|Uso justo racional}}. If it is not properly tagged it will be deleted.",
	["talkpage"] = "Please see the article's [[{{TALKPAGENAME}}|talkpage]] for more information about why this article has been listed for deletion",
	["dupe"] = "This image is a duplicate and is likely of lower quality. This image should be removed as soon as possible.",
	["illegal"] = "This image originates from a scanlation group or contains a watermark. This image should be removed and/or replaced as quickly as possible.",
	["user"] = "The user who created this page or uploaded this image has requested that it be removed. If the reason is unclear, please contact the user who placed this tag here.",
	["copyvio"] = "This image was obtained from a source not recognised as official and is considered to be infringing on the owner's copyright. The image should be deleted immediately to prevent repercussions.",
return reason
--[[Category:Lua Modules]]

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